The Evolution of Design and Print

With the advent of computers and modern software, the process of printing has been revolutionised. Machines that were very useful in the past have been cast aside as they have become obsolete.

The old art of typesetting is no more as it is now computerised. What is probably left is the guillotine. A printing taskprinting that used to be scheduled for a week could now be finished within one day.

There are many people who work in the printing trade called graphic designers. There are loads of software that one could choose. And, the whole process is evolving. Presently designers use software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to carry out the process of Graphic Designing. Usually, the better printing companies give a template to the customer to show his requirements. The graphic designers used in these large printing establishments do the rest of the work. Computerised printing machines are used after which they are placed and put to the guillotine.

The popular items that are required are Invitations, Business Cards, Brochures and Calendars.These items are rolled out in a matter of hours, and most printing companies offer door to door services on the same day. Promotional items like mugs, shirts, caps and pens take a while longer. Coasters, Flyers and Greeting Cards are also turned out very easily,

man Printing some papersThese printers are found in any part of the globe. Clash graphic is a printing organisation that is spread out all over the USA. Headquartered in Atlanta, they have offices in almost every state. They provide very efficient service with customer satisfaction being a key factor. You could have a discussion with any of their well trained executives who will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Graphic designing is an art that is being pursued by school leavers who seek a career in the design and printing trade. Little wonder that they can play around with a photograph and make it look totally different.

The machines that are currently used are not bulky and could be easily moved around. The software too is not Printed notebooksdifficult to learn.

The pricing of printed products has been drastically reduced with the use of these modern machines. However, competition among the printers is intense. You can make use of this fact to bargain and obtain quantity discounts and payment term concessions. Prices quoted include a template for customer use and door to door delivery at times.┬áThese factors help to keep prices down… Read the rest