How you can Beat a Hair Drug Test

A Hair drug test is used as a requirement for employment in some companies. Passing this test is also a prerequisite for participating in some sporting events. The hair drug test is usually preferred over urine test because hair follicles retain drugs for a longer period. Hair samples have higher chances of giving accurate results compared to urine samples. As such, in case you wanted to secure a new position in an organization and the only thing that is standing between you and this post is a drug test, then, you need to devise a tactful way of beating the test.

Available Option of Beating Drug Tests

Rinse your hair with vinegarold man with beard

One of the home remedies that can help you pass a hair drug test is to saturate your hair using white vinegar. It can be done by soaking the hair in vinegar for at least 10 minutes. Refrain from rinsing your hair for about 20 minutes to allow for the vinegar to into the hair and scalp for maximum saturation. You can later clean your hair using salicylic acid acne treatment. Consequently, it will help remove all the drug samples in your hair and increase your chances of passing the test.

Shave your hair a week before the test

On average, drugs take about ten days before it can be detected in your hair. This means that shaving will give you about five to six days of drug-free hair. If you know the exact day that you are going to have the test then this is a technique that is worth trying. The only challenge that comes with this method is that you will have to shave your whole body if the hair is to be picked randomly.

Use a detox shampoo

armpitThis is probably the best method of getting rid of drug sample from your hair. Hair detox shampoo was initially meant to be used for removal of contaminants from the hair. This shampoo has an acidic base that can get rid of any toxin metabolites from drugs including marijuana. As such, it is the most preferred method because it has higher chances of success and leaves your hair intact.

Get a hair drug test kit

There are many methods on how you can beat a hair drug test but the only sure way is to do a self-test. This is the only valid option for ensuring that there are no toxins in your hair that could make you fail the test. As such, combined wit a detox shampoo, here’s how you can beat your hair drug test. Such test kits may be costly but using them is the only guarantee of passing a hair drug test.… Read the rest