Best Tips when Hiring the Bouncing Castles

It is usually a magnificent idea to hire bouncing castle for entertainment and having fun for both children and adult since it is not logical and economical to purchase this equipment. It is probably the reason why bouncing castles are hired since you will use these bouncing castles less than three times in a year. They can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor parties, so weather is a not a factor to be considered. If you are looking for bouncy castles to hire then consider perth bouncy castle hire. Here are some of the tips to be found:

Best Tips

1. Cost of Hiring

some people in children playgroundThe hiring of bouncing castles should be pocket-friendly and within certain ranges. Most of the rental organizations charge the reasonable amount of money depending on the duration one would use the castle. For example renting a villa for 18 hours will be more expensive compared when one is hiring for 12 hours. When the bouncing castle is accompanied with the generator the cost will be high.


Last minute rush of booking bouncing castle is inappropriate since you may not get the desired equipment and also you may incur high costs. So one should avoid looking for one on the same day you want to use the castle. Time plays a critical role when one considers the suitable offers on bouncing castle rentals.

3. Inspection

When hiring a bouncing castle one should check if it is well maintained and in a pristine condition. There are some of the factors one should consider during inspection such as the general status of the castle, its quality, manufacturers standards, wear and tear and safety aspect in consideration of the children. A quick check of seams is worth doing to see if any breakage or weakness is apparent.

4. Operators

Since safety comes first, one should hire workers who are trained professionals who are familiar with their hire equipment. One should also enquire about the player’s experience, past safety records, and the training requirements. In a case of emergency and minor accidents, the operator, may be required to act professionally to react to the desired situation.

5. Features of the Bouncing Castle

A good bouncing castle has an anchorage system and is anchored down appropriately. Due to safety concerns safety mats are placed at the entrance and exits. Also, a safety switch should be put on the power source of this equipment as a precaution measure.

6. Rental Company

some people in children playground 2A good rental company should have a broad range of different bouncing castles and other items aimed at different age groups and varied events. They should also have several payment options such as card payments, bank transfer or cash on delivery.… Read the rest