Ways To Get Free Lyft Rides

Nowadays, ridesharing apps such as Lyft and Uber are quite cheap. Moreover, you can get great deals if you understand where to get them. For instance, Lyft offers free rides in each city. You can learn from rydely when these offers are available. In this post, we share three main ways of lyft promo codes and free ride credit. It is true those cars with pink mustache offer a lot of free rides for those that know how to get them.

Getting Lyft promo codescar dashboard

Some high-end restaurants and clubs are now offering free coupons to enjoy Lyft ride. However, you do not have to spend money to get free ride credits. In fact, there are some deals you can find. They include the following:

Referral program

The company has a referral program which offers $50 to both the referring customer and new customer. To get this promo code, you should sign up with an existing user’s referral code. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the first ride free. After signing up, you will be provided with your referral code, which you can give to other first-time riders. When they take first free ride, you are awarded another free ride credit.

Pioneer program

This is a program that is launched when Lyft comes to your city. When it comes to your city, you will start enjoying free rides. However, the number of rides vary from one city to another. Fortunately, you can number how many rides you qualify for by signing up for this service and you are credited the free rides automatically.


Keeping lopink caroking for Lyft cards at local venues. You should note that the company has several venues across the country, and you can only get these cards when you are out and about. These cards are not only for first-time riders but also for existing customers. Therefore, keep looking for those cards and get a special deal.

It is advisable to ask a Lyft driver about the deals currently available in your city. This is because drivers are aware of such deals and can help you reduce your traveling expenses. It is likely that the driver can hook you up. Some deals have an expiration date. Thus, be sure to use them before they expire. Keep spreading the word and you are sure to enjoy lots of free rides.… Read the rest