How to Locate and Fix a Leaky Roof

The initial step to finding where the roofing leakage may be coming from starts in the attic. Get a great flashlight even if you have lighting in the attic currently. You will likewise need a tape measure that is at least 25 feet in length.

Now go up to the attic and browse the area above where you discovered the leak coming through the ceiling. The veryLeaking roof best time to diagnose a roofing system leak is when it is drizzling, or snow is melting on the roofing. Nevertheless, there will still be some indicators of where the roofing leakage is even if it is dried up already.

If it is drizzling, then look for any water coming in and trace the water trail until it stops. Utilize the flashlight to reflect off the water. If it is not drizzling, the water must have left a darker stain on the rafters or roof plywood. Trace any water stain as far back as you can to determine the basic area it might be originating from. You can also search for daylight coming through too. If you do not see, a water trail tries browsing each vent pipe or anything that goes through the roof to the outside. Another way to find out where the water is dripping from is to look at the taping to see if it is wet or packed below being wet. This will Man's hand touching roofonly inform you where the water leaked down and not necessarily where the roofing leak is. Water can travel a good ways down the rafters prior to it dripping down to your ceiling.

Now that you have found the basic area or discovered the actual spot where the roofing is leaking; secure your measuring tape. Measure from one end of the attic to the location you believe the roof is leaking. Now take another measurement from one of the sides of the attic to the roofing leakage location. Write down these measurements so that you will remember them when you increase on the roof to fix the leak. If you are unable to fix it yourself call a professional as they are trained to handle these situations and have all the required tools for the Job.… Read the rest