Seafood Restaurants

Due to its location near the ocean, Orlando is home to a vast collection of seafood restaurants, but having so many options can make finding a good restaurant that is exactly what you’re after a bit tricky.

In the Thornton Park area, Cityfish is a casual, trendy, family friendly place with something for everyone. The nice patio, great service, and fresh seafood make this restaurant an excellent choice for any occasion, from a quick lunch to a business meeting or a first date.

If you’re into oysters, Lee and Rick’s Oyster Bar is hard to beat! While they do serve a variety of different types of seafood, the great tasting oysters are the main attraction. Served by the bucket at the bar for a very reasonable price, they are a must for any serious oyster lover.

seafood 1In Winter Park, Boston’s Fish House is a popular seafood restaurant. Because of this, it is not uncommon to find yourself waiting in line for a short time to get a table, though many people will tell you the food is worth the wait. It is a very casual restaurant, where food is ordered at the counter and then delivered to your table. While most food is deep fried, though there are broiled and steamed options available.

Big portions and kid friendly atmosphere make Boston’s Fish House a great choice for families, or anyone in the mood for a great causal meal. Another solid choice for seafood in the Winter Park area, Winter Park Fish Company. Another relaxed eatery, where food is ordered at a counter and then brought table side. The fact that dogs are welcome on the patio and even given salmon jerky, the service is always great, and the food always awesome have made this a popular go-to for seafood lovers since it opened back in 2010.

seafood 2Located in Restaurant Row, Roy’s Orlando is a seafood icon of the city. Specializing in seafood offerings with a hawaiian twist, Roy’s is a great place to go if you’re in the mood for seafood as you’ve never had it before, and for those who aren’t seafood fans, Roy’s Orlando is also known for serving great tasting steak and pork dishes, making it a great place to when not everyone in your group of diners likes to eat fish.

Clearly, there are many incredible seafood restaurants in Orlando, and now you have some of idea as to which ones are definitely worth checking out!… Read the rest