Various Purposes Of A Sewing Machine

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Besides being an essential part of the garment manufacturing industry, a sewing machine is also a vital component in the day to day fashion activities of the human life. As we speak, the sewing machine market is flooded with different types of sewing machines designed to perform distinct functions. You need to visit the review websites for a full comparison of the best in the market. This article will disclose to you the various purposes of a sewing machine to help you understand some of the basic uses of different sewing machines before going out to purchase one for yourself.

Various purposes of a sewing machine

Domestic purposes

sewing machine 2Domestic sewing machines are designed for household purposes. Apart from having the ability perform every task, domestic sewing machines can also handle a variety of fabrics. Besides making a broad volume of stitch patterns, domestic sewing machines can also sew multiple fabrics. Sewing machines used for domestic purposes can either be computerized or mechanical.

Industrial purposes

If you want to open a large-scale manufacturing industry for shoes and garments, then an industrial sewing machine is all you need. Some industrial sewing machines are designed for sewing flat pieces of fabric together, sewing sandals or shoes, making gloves or boots, putting the waistband in jeans, and attaching emblems. Others are designed to make shirts cuffs and sleeves. Most sewing machines used for industrial purposes are either computerized or electronic.

Bar tacking

Bar tacking is the art of making a series of stitches using a sewing machine to hide any tear or wear in garments. The typical regions for bar tack stitches on garments include belt loops, buttonholes, pleats, pocket openings, and corners of collars.

Embroidery work

Embroidery sewing machines are designed to perform embroidery work on different fabrics. Most embroidery sewing machines are computerized. Besides having a large color touch-screen, embroidery sewing machines also come with an auto threading, a USB interface, an embroidery advisor software, an inbuilt design software, and a file storage system.

Button attachment and buttonholing

Just to refresh your memory, button attachment is the act of attaching buttons on fabrics. On the other hand, buttonholing is the act of making button holes of fabrics. Button attachment and buttonholing are done using button attachment and button holler sewing machines respectively.

Hemming, edging or seaming

Overedging sewing machines are used for industrial edging, seaming, and hemming of garments. These machines automatically cut the edges of different garments and sew them at high speeds.

Making decorative stitches

Air conditioner 1 1Double needle sewing machines use two bobbins and two needles to form parallel rows of a lockstitch. The space between the two parallel stitches relies on the distance between the two needles in the needle bar. These two needles can be adjusted to make different decorative stitches.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking to purchase a new sewing machine, it is not only crucial to know the different types available in the market but also their various uses to make a perfect selection. You will choose the right sewing machine that suits your needs if you consider the advice given on this page about the various purposes of a sewing machine.