A Guide to Search Engine Marketing, and Why It is Vital for Your Business

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Search Engine Marketing is often touted as the best marketing way to generate abundant web traffic. If you carry out the strategy correctly, you can get a strong position on all search engines in the world, especially on Google. Abundant web traffic produces more potential new transactions and customers.

SEM is marketing on the internet. SEM is an abbreviation of the term Search Engine Marketing. The way that is done in marketing is in the form of promoting websites by increasing their visibility on search engines. We will discuss in more detail the importance of SEM here.

SEM Increase the Conversion

generating customersSimple conversion means how your business captures audiences can produce transactions or other things that are profitable. Money is indeed a clear goal you want to get from your marketing campaign, but you should not ignore different types of conversions. You can break your target into some things that are no less valuable like new customers, new subscribers, or also participants from the contest/competition that you hold in the campaign. These are all alternative conversions that are also important.

SEM itself is an excellent conversion driver for all types of campaigns that you want to run. Why is that? That’s because paid ads are usually linked to the landing page for conversion purposes, which is a kind of event ticket sales. That way, there is a process ranging from paid advertisements (ads) to click internet users and arrive at a website page that provides transaction facilities. So, you can also realize that installed ads are usually more suitable for final conversion purposes.

SEM Improves Your Consumer’s Brand Awareness

a business mindmapAlthough SEM is often regarded as the lowest part of the marketing channel, SEM is sufficient for increasing brand awareness of your business. Google has supported this statement. Google states that advertising on search engines can raise brand awareness even up to 80%.

Although the ads that appear on the search page cannot be clicked on, your brand can still be seen and can be realized by internet users. People who are looking for specific keywords related to products and services, for example. They certainly cannot avoid the display of advertisements that are displayed.

If they type in the name of your competitor’s brand, search engines can still know it well and decide to display your brand as an ad. People will also see it and are interested in trying to review your brand profile.

SEM is Relatively Affordable

You might be hesitant for advertisements to make because of a cost problem. Small and large companies may still not be big enough to realize the cost of implementing SEM.

If you think about this one advertisement is very flexible when compared to the paid ones such as billboards and video ads in cinema shows — they require a minimum number of ads.

Moreover, you can even build an in-house SEM task division in your company. Learn how to start an SEM agency with Parallel Profits, and see how easy it is for yourself.