Choosing The Best Belt Sander

Advantages of a belt sander

A belt sander should be configured to the right settings and a steady, firm hand it is the ultimate choice for removing unwanted residue on a surface. A belt sander can take out varnish and maintain the underlying material finish.

Belt sanders are compact therefore maneuverable; thus, it is easy to reach difficult spots without too much struggle, and you have more control to cover smaller surfaces accurately.

High velocities

Belt Sander 1Belt sanders operate at high velocities. Belt sanders are preferable for doing initial major sanding before the finer details. Some of the places belt sander is used is floorboards, hardwood floor, standing deck, and furniture. A belt sander is used at home and in small shops.

Lighter than other sanders

Therefore they are easily stored and taken out. Belt Sanders also give the quick finish to surfaces and pieces of conventional materials.

Factors for consideration in choosing a belt sander

  • Check for a more clear and rounded front nose-This is appropriate when working with soft woods as it is work that requires details e.g. small holes.
  • Check for a dedicated system for centering-The belt stays centered irrespective of how fast the motor is running.
  • Ensure that belt sander has a vacuum and a detachable bag that all the dust settles. Ensure that space and the removable bag does not interfere with movement.
  • Belt sander should be operated with a resembling pistol and a trigger. Ensure that the trigger locks so that the belt sander is running ensure that you do not have to keep pressing with one finger.
  • Most belt sanders are portable. Therefore some extra weight may mean that you, may not need to push hard to smooth out a rough surface.

How to use a belt sander

Consistency during preparation

A fresh and new sand paper are a priority on each new day of a belt sanders use. Eliminate loops or curls in the power cord to remove breaks during movement. Ensure the dust bag is free from any residue. Wear shielding clothes while at work.

Choice of sand paper

Rough sand paper provides speed in smoothing a rough surface. As you progress in the smoothing process, ensure that you use finer sandpaper as you go on in the smoothing process.

Alternative uses of the belt sander

Belt Sander 2Apart from smoothing just wood with the sandpaper it can also be used on knife edges by running the belt sander on the edges of the blade same applies for wood chisels too.… Read the rest

The Three Best Electric Scooters for Children

As children continue to explore their environment, they would love to have devices that facilitate their fun and movement. For this reason, at a very young age, kids begin learning how to use these means of mobility by riding tricycles and advance from the three wheels to the two wheels regardless of whether they ride bikes of scooters. Electric bikes have been familiar to kids today because they are safe to ride in addition to being fun. The electric scooter for kids is the new trend in town. The following is a review of the three best electric scooters available in the market for children today regarding features, quality, and price.


The Razor E100

boy riding scooterComing as the most popular electric scooter in the market today, the Razor E100 has a combination of characteristics. They are available in seven different color choices ranging from Grey, two shades of Pink, Purple, Black, and Red among other colors. The rider can hold on to Black handlebars, which have added grips for support and comfort.

It has a long lasting and rechargeable 24V battery system sealed and comes together with a charger. You can use it for over forty minutes before having to recharge again after a full charge. It also has a quiet extremely high-torque 100-watt motor. The rider can move at a speed of up to 10 miles an hour. It is durable and can handle children with up to 120 pounds. You can buy one at between $112 and $160.

The Razor E300

The second in the list is the Razor E300, having the highest rating by customers. This electric scooter has been designed for kids from the age of 12 years and above. It comes in different of colors as well including matte gray, red and blue. It has a super-sized deck and frame to accommodate riders from various ages as well as support different sizes and shapes comfortably. Its 300-watt motor is highly powered with high performance to facilitate speed of over 15 miles an hour. It also has a rechargeable 24V sealed battery system that comes alongside its charger. With a price of between $215 and $280, you can afford to buy it for your child.

The Razor RX200

scooterIt is the best off-road electric scooter available currently in the market. Powered by a 24V rechargeable sealed battery system that comes together with its charger, Razor RX200 can ride at a speed of twelve miles per hour.

The 200w motor drives it. It does not require a push start, but one only has to twist the throttle and proceed. It has freewheeled rear hub as an added advantage. You can ride it for over forty minutes after a full charge. It costs between $230 and $290.… Read the rest

Best Tips when Hiring the Bouncing Castles

It is usually a magnificent idea to hire bouncing castle for entertainment and having fun for both children and adult since it is not logical and economical to purchase this equipment. It is probably the reason why bouncing castles are hired since you will use these bouncing castles less than three times in a year. They can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor parties, so weather is a not a factor to be considered. If you are looking for bouncy castles to hire then consider perth bouncy castle hire. Here are some of the tips to be found:

Best Tips

1. Cost of Hiring

some people in children playgroundThe hiring of bouncing castles should be pocket-friendly and within certain ranges. Most of the rental organizations charge the reasonable amount of money depending on the duration one would use the castle. For example renting a villa for 18 hours will be more expensive compared when one is hiring for 12 hours. When the bouncing castle is accompanied with the generator the cost will be high.


Last minute rush of booking bouncing castle is inappropriate since you may not get the desired equipment and also you may incur high costs. So one should avoid looking for one on the same day you want to use the castle. Time plays a critical role when one considers the suitable offers on bouncing castle rentals.

3. Inspection

When hiring a bouncing castle one should check if it is well maintained and in a pristine condition. There are some of the factors one should consider during inspection such as the general status of the castle, its quality, manufacturers standards, wear and tear and safety aspect in consideration of the children. A quick check of seams is worth doing to see if any breakage or weakness is apparent.

4. Operators

Since safety comes first, one should hire workers who are trained professionals who are familiar with their hire equipment. One should also enquire about the player’s experience, past safety records, and the training requirements. In a case of emergency and minor accidents, the operator, may be required to act professionally to react to the desired situation.

5. Features of the Bouncing Castle

A good bouncing castle has an anchorage system and is anchored down appropriately. Due to safety concerns safety mats are placed at the entrance and exits. Also, a safety switch should be put on the power source of this equipment as a precaution measure.

6. Rental Company

some people in children playground 2A good rental company should have a broad range of different bouncing castles and other items aimed at different age groups and varied events. They should also have several payment options such as card payments, bank transfer or cash on delivery.… Read the rest