Choosing The Best Belt Sander

Belt Sander 3

Advantages of a belt sander

A belt sander should be configured to the right settings and a steady, firm hand it is the ultimate choice for removing unwanted residue on a surface. A belt sander can take out varnish and maintain the underlying material finish.

Belt sanders are compact therefore maneuverable; thus, it is easy to reach difficult spots without too much struggle, and you have more control to cover smaller surfaces accurately.

High velocities

Belt Sander 1Belt sanders operate at high velocities. Belt sanders are preferable for doing initial major sanding before the finer details. Some of the places belt sander is used is floorboards, hardwood floor, standing deck, and furniture. A belt sander is used at home and in small shops.

Lighter than other sanders

Therefore they are easily stored and taken out. Belt Sanders also give the quick finish to surfaces and pieces of conventional materials.

Factors for consideration in choosing a belt sander

  • Check for a more clear and rounded front nose-This is appropriate when working with soft woods as it is work that requires details e.g. small holes.
  • Check for a dedicated system for centering-The belt stays centered irrespective of how fast the motor is running.
  • Ensure that belt sander has a vacuum and a detachable bag that all the dust settles. Ensure that space and the removable bag does not interfere with movement.
  • Belt sander should be operated with a resembling pistol and a trigger. Ensure that the trigger locks so that the belt sander is running ensure that you do not have to keep pressing with one finger.
  • Most belt sanders are portable. Therefore some extra weight may mean that you, may not need to push hard to smooth out a rough surface.

How to use a belt sander

Consistency during preparation

A fresh and new sand paper are a priority on each new day of a belt sanders use. Eliminate loops or curls in the power cord to remove breaks during movement. Ensure the dust bag is free from any residue. Wear shielding clothes while at work.

Choice of sand paper

Rough sand paper provides speed in smoothing a rough surface. As you progress in the smoothing process, ensure that you use finer sandpaper as you go on in the smoothing process.

Alternative uses of the belt sander

Belt Sander 2Apart from smoothing just wood with the sandpaper it can also be used on knife edges by running the belt sander on the edges of the blade same applies for wood chisels too.